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Amazed y'all put this together in 72 hours. The swirling mass of star detritus chasing me as I went along really added to the ominous and desperate feel of the game.

Cheers! That's definitely what we were going for. The time limit definitely made for good practice :)

Really enjoyed this game, great experience made in a impressively short time! Well done guys!

Thank you so much! We had a blast making it, learned a lot too

I liked the pixel art graphics, as well as sound effects and music. The gameplay felt very random though. I eventually ran out of food and almost all my crew, but I never encountered any opportunities to gain new ones aside from engineers. Also, about halfway through, after a choice to send medics or security down to a planet, the music just stopped and never started again. Overall, I enjoyed it. I'll be interested to see how it develops.

Cheers Rowan, we're hoping to address some of these issues in future bug fixing patches - unfortunately the randomness is a slightly annoying side effect of how we had to put it together within the time constraints..